At OUTLNDSH we believe that true sustainability cannot exist without consumers and brands joining forces. We do not merely pay lip service to be the idea of sustainability, but have made it an integral part of the brand's existence. 

Just using sustainable materials does not even scratch the surface of being a sustainable brand. The onus of saving the world from fashion trash is as much on you the consumer as it is on the brand. 

We are starting our first range of products which are using over 70 percent sustainable materials and the aim is to reach 95 percent sustainable materials by 2024. 

To achieve true sustainability, the most important step is to ensure that we create zero fashion waste. Irrespective of sustainable materials, if a brand has unsold inventory, it will end up in a landfill eventually, defeating the very aim of achieving sustainability.

Therefore, at OUTLNDSH we only make our products once you place a confirmed order with us. This way we are able to minimize the inventory over hangs an ensure sustainability at every stage and process.

This means as a brand we are not able to give you certain privileges that we would have wanted to and those that you are used to and expect. It is important for us that each OUTLNDSH customer supports us in our endeavor to achieve true sustainability and actively co-operates in making sure in building OUTLNDSH as a truly suitable brand. 

Kindly note the below points carefully before making a purchase. 

  • We do not have a returns policy to support buyer's regret.
  • We do not process refunds, or have a COD facility.
  • We only replace the product in case of a damaged product received by the customer.
  • We make the product after receiving your order which means that there is a lead time of 3-5 working days before your product is shipped by us.
  • Once an order is placed it cannot be canceled. Therefore please only buy OUTLNDSH products if you truly want them.

We hope that together, you and us will make OUTLNDSH one of the most sustainable brands globally.

All Included Pricing

The First price that you see on the product is the final price. Includes all taxes & levies.

Free Shipping

We do not charge extra for shipping. Product prices include shipping cost within India.

Made To Order

We make once you order. Orders take up to 5 working days for processing.